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Tiger Mats USA LLC’s mission is to revolutionize the super-absorbent mat pad industry by introducing technology that immediately reduces the volume of plastics used in the absorbent mat pads needed to control industrial spills.

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Tiger Mats USA LLC uses a patented technology to combine super-absorbent materials into a revolutionary super-absorbent biodegradable mat pad. The mat pad material is multi-layered using 10% recycled and 90% fully biodegradable, sustainable components. The mat pad material is being launched in an industry standard 15” x 19” super-absorbent mat pad using 90% less plastic. 

This “Medium Duty” super-absorbent mat pad will be packaged in lots of 50 per bundle and can be purchased per bundle or pallet. Pallets will be arranged as 40 bundles per pallet or 2000 “Medium Duty” super-absorbent mat pads. Lab testing proves this pallet of 2000 “Medium Duty” super-absorbent Tiger Mats mat pads can absorb up to 110,000 oz. of crude oil representing almost 20.5 full barrels of oil per pallet using 90% less plastic!